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【雲上嶺南】The Guangdong Yingdeyan mountain village site was selected as a major project of“Archaeological China” 广东英德岩山寨遗址入选“考古中国”重大项目 The Yingdeyan mountain village site in Guangdong Province was selected as one of the major archaeological China projects in the fourth quarter of 2021. The site is a large Pre-Qin Dynasty settlement site with an area of more than 80,000 square meters. As of now, more than 1,300 specimens of various cultural relics have been unearthed from the site. Archaeological experts believe that the archaeological work at the site will further reveal Lingnan’s contribution to the formation of diversified and integrated Chinese civilization. 广东英德岩山寨遗址入选国家文物局发布2021年第四季度“考古中国”重大项目!遗址发现于2017年,为大型先秦聚落遗址,面积超过80000平方米,截至目前,该遗址共出土各类文物标本1300余件。考古专家认为,该遗址的考古工作将掀开岭南史前学问与社会研究的新篇章,进一步揭示岭南在多元一体中华文明形成过程中的贡献。 来源:羊城晚报石嘴山魔指仙境600以上口【输-入/网,址→FEW35.CoM←安.排】石嘴山出来卖的学生【输-入/网,址→FEW35.CoM←安.排】石嘴山我想女人到哪里去找【输-入/网,址→FEW35.CoM←安.排】石嘴山50块一次玩多久【输-入/网,址→FEW35.CoM←安.排】石嘴山美女找上门电话【输-入/网,址→FEW35.CoM←安.排】



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